Virginia Tech and Old Dominion had to delay their game on Friday for an unusual reason: Coaches got stuck in the elevator.

Early this college football season we’ve already seen games delayed for reasons like lightning.

On Friday, a new reason for delaying a game emerged and it’s hilarious.

Just blame the elevator.

Virginia Tech-Old Dominion delayed by elevator mishap

According to the broadcast, Virginia Tech coaches on their way back to the press box got stuck in the elevator.

That’s a new one.

The game got started soon enough but it’s still a moment that’ll probably outweigh the game.

Years down the line, we can all ask, “Remember the time a game got delayed because an elevator got stuck?”

Old Dominion came into the half up 10-7. Did the elevator mishap have an impact on the game? Was it an omen for either side? It definitely didn’t hurt Virginia Tech. The Hokies came out and scored a field goal to tie early in the third quarter.

Virginia Tech was a 6.5-favorite but the Monarch clearly looked ready to give them all they could. The Hokies scored first before Old Dominion hit a field goal and returned a fumble for a touchdown to take the lead.

The Monarchs are coming off a 6-7 season in 2021. They’re looking for a boost to start their campaign. Virginia Tech was also 6-7 last year so they want to set a better tone for this year.

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