Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina had a great reaction to Albert Pujols’ 700th home run on a historic night in Los Angeles.

It just had to come against the Dodgers.

Pujols made history, hitting his 699th and 700th home runs in Los Angeles, the place where he learned to love the game again, as he would profess in his postgame press conference.

The Cardinals had been in an offensive slump heading into the series. Pujols, at the very least, is doing his part to pull them out of it. His teammates are appreciate of that fact, and Pujols’ two home runs on Friday night led to an 11-0 victory of the best team in the National League record-wise.

After Pujols’ 700th home run, his longtime teammates had a little fun at his expense.

Cardinals legends celebrate Albert Pujols 700th home run

Wainwright and Molina have played with Pujols for over a decade.

“It’s pretty special,” Pujols said. “When it’s really gonna hit me is when I’m done, at the end of the season, when I’m retired, and probably a moment or two after that I can look at the numbers.”

Pujols isn’t a huge record guy — he doesn’t stand in the clubhouse, staring at his numbers, waiting to cross another name off the home run list. But 700 is undeniable, and something he can take with him to the Hall of Fame and beyond.

“Look, don’t get me wrong, I know what my place is in this game. But since Day 1, when I made my debut, it was never about numbers, it was never about chasing numbers. It was always about winning championships and trying to get better in this game. And I had so many people that taught me the right way early in my career, and that’s how I’ve carried myself for 22 years that I’ve been in the big leagues. That’s why I really don’t focus on the numbers. I will one day, but not right now,” Pujols said.

That day is coming. When the Cardinals season ends, whether that comes with disappointment or confetti, Pujols will have his chance to reflect with the rest of us.

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