J.T. Realmuto took Ryan Pressly to deep right-center field in the bottom of the ninth inning. Had the ball landed, Philadelphia would’ve had the tying run on second base, possible third, depending on Realmuto’s willingness to test his wheels.

Yet, the star catcher never got the chance. Despite putting a charge into one, it was Astros outfielder Chas McCormick who saved the day for Houston, making arguably the catch of the postseason.

The broadcast angle is beautiful enough:

McCormick took on an inherited risk even going for that ball. Had it taken a tough bounce, for example, Realmuto could’ve rounded the bases if Houston failed to back up the play. It’s that risk which makes McCormick’s catch all the more impressive, and gutsy in a critical moment.

Even if you hate the Astros, it’s what postseason baseball is all about.

Watch Chas McCormick’s game-saving catch from all angles

McCormick’s grab was great live, but watching it in slow motion puts it in perspective. The local kid didn’t have much of a chance to brace for impact, either. He just went for it.

McCormick is from West Chester, Pennsylvania, which isn’t far from the Philadelphia area. This was the team he grew up watching, and in many ways rooting for.

To play spoiler on a national stage is one heck of a narrative to play out on live television.

As for the Astros, they are one game away from another World Series, and their first since 2017. That team, of course, won thanks in part to the infamous sign-stealing scandal.

This year’s squad, as far as we know, has gone about matters the right way. They’re a team full of homegrown talent, and they’ve developed into stars. Jeremy Peña, who was tasked with replacing Carlos Correa on the fly, hit the go-ahead home run.

Is there anything this organization can’t do?

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