News of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing led to a pensive moment aboard flight 208.

During a British Airways flight on Sept. 8, the pilot informed passengers and crew mid-flight about Her Majesty’s death. In a clip posted by Tim Jones, viewers hear the pilot say, “This is an incredibly sad day for all of us on British Airways. Our thoughts are with the entire royal family as we grieve her immeasurable loss.”

The speaker continued, “Since her accession to the throne, Her Majesty has visited 116 countries and we are honored that she flew with us for many of her historically momentous trips.”

During the emotional moment, the pilot acknowledged the impact the Queen made on many crew members.

“Many of your crew today have fond memories of her travels and these are moments we will always cherish,” he said. “Her Majesty, for so long, has shown immense resilience and encouraged us to stand together to face difficult times.”

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