Who holds the NFL record for most receiving yards in a single game? The record has been challenged but has remained unbroken for decades.

Each year brings new opportunities for current NFL players to etch their names in the record books.

For receivers, one of the ultimately single-game achievements would be to set a new record for yards in a game.

Some have come close, including Calvin Johnson, but no one has managed to best Flipper Anderson’s ludicrous 336 yards receiving for the Rams in 1989.

NFL single-game record for most receiving yards

  1. Flipper Anderson, 336 for Rams vs. Saints in 1989
  2. Calvin Johnson, 329 for Lions vs. Cowboys in 2013
  3. Stephone Paige, 309 for Chiefs vs. Chargers in 1985
  4. Jim Benton, 303 for Rams vs. Lions in 1945
  5. Cloyce Box, 302 for Lions vs. Colts in 1950

The explosion of passing offenses hasn’t opened the door for the receiving yards record to change in three decades but the same can’t be said for the record for most receptions in a game.

Brandon Marshall set a new mark with 21 catches in 2009 with the Denver Broncos, just one season after putting his name on the leader board with an 18-catch performance in 2008.

He’s now the one to beat for the newest generation of dominant pass-catchers.

NFL single-game record for most receptions

  1. Brandon Marshall, 21 for Broncos vs. Colts in 2009
  2. Terrell Owens, 20 for 49ers vs. Bears in 2000
  3. Jason Witten, 18 for Cowboys vs. Giants in 2012
    Brandon Marshall, 18 for Broncos vs. Chargers in 2008
    Tom Fears, 18 for Rams vs. Packers in 1950

Which receiver will be the next to break through and set a new record for receiving yards or receptions in the NFL?

In Week 1 of the 2022 season Justin Jefferson had people wondering when he went off for almost 200 yards against the Packers but he’ll have to do even better than that to be a record-setter.

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