Ben Harmon could be gracing our screens once again. 

Dylan McDermott, who played the complicated husband in seasons one and eight of FX’s American Horror Story, revealed to E! News exclusively that when he had wrapped on Murder House, he “didn’t want to stop.”

“I remember sitting my trailer after work was done, and I didn’t want to get out of costume,” McDermott explained. “Because it’s like he wasn’t done with me yet. The character wasn’t done with me, and I just wanted more. I could play that guy forever.”

So, could the ghostly therapist return to the show?

“I’m in,” the actor said of the possibility of returning. “With Ryan [Murphy], I’m always in.”

McDermott went on to say that whenever the American Horror Story creator hands him a script, he doesn’t even “have to read it.”

“I trust him completely,” he said. “He’s given me such incredible roles. I mean, look at Hollywood. No one else was gonna give me that role. But Ryan Murphy, he completely saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself, honestly.”

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